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  • The dragons in Harry potter 4 looked pretty cool.

  • I'm thinking that the CGI in Prelude to Axanar will hold up extraordinarily well over time (as will the performances by the cast).

    You will need to have at least 21 minutes free before you begin watching … because once you start ... well ... {toothy smile}

  • Must say…that doesn't look a whole heluva lot better than iClone5 for scorpion king.

    Mario Bros was a fail as far as plot, but I suppose its CGI was meh to passable.

    Star Wars PT, for all its utter bullshit, sure didn't skimp out on the graphics & special effects.

    Terminator movies 1-3 IMO were all well done. Never saw Salvation, though. Or the series.

    The RoboCop remake was actually pretty good for a not-too-distant-future scenario. I was the only guy in my town who went to see it on the day I chose. It actually wasn't horrible on plot nor on CGI. The original RoboCop...eh I'll say it was decent for what it was. Stop animation frame by frame is very slow, and for ED-209 I'd say they did okay.

    Mortal Kombat... I only saw the sequel... and I can't remember it for shit.

    Street Fighter... sucky movie aside, they tried... but honestly the special effects could have been done better. Like, a LOT better. Surely someone could have rendered some CGI special effects for some of their special moves? They managed it for the game of the damn movie. (BTW you can't get Akuma any other way than to cheat.) What about Guile's Sonic Boom? Ken and Ryu's "Hadoken!" & "Soryuken!" ?! Blanka's electric eel stuff? Edmund Honda's Hundred hand slap? Sagat's "TIGER!"? Bison's psycho crusher? And Chun-Li's "Kikouken" (more like "Cock-In!" for english translation) :D Capcom could have spared more $$$ for CGI. I understand acting and talent are essential, and they did good on that front... but with little to no CGI it just felt very generic.

    The MegaMan fan films I have seen have been pretty good for being private or fan productions on a budget.

    • The recent one that is a full film, where Rock and Roll are played by Japanese teens or young adults but Dr light is played by a white guy. Best by far.
    • The trailer where megaman is in a simulator fighting protoman
    • The old fan trailer where "Rock" was actually human, and had to have bionic implants. The one where he wise cracked to Professor Wily in the class auditorium and Wily passed him after class in the halls saying "That was very brave of you to make such a comment, Rock." It ended with an enormous CGI bot "Gutsman" (looking nothing like the original) coming head on after "Rock" at the end of it.

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