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  • Don't have a favorite. Following the philosophy of Bruce Lee, I believe that accumulating and using techniques that work for an individual is the most effective way to fight. Acquire techniques from all styles so that you don't have weaknesses and from those techniques use the ones that are most effective for you given your attributes and abilities. That's for actual fighting.

    For amusement, I still don't have a favorite. I've formally studied and took part in competitions for Shotokan, Tae-Kwon-Do, and Wushu. The most entertaining portions of the competitions imo were always the Free-Form performances. In Free Form you'd see competitors performing movements from all sorts of styles and disciplines. From breakdancing to gymnastics to wushu to weapons, artists would combine whatever they desired…it was all fair game and much more entertaining than watching an artist adhere to only one discipline.

    I will give a shout-out to Traditional Boxing though (yes I consider it a martial art). It's funny just how devastatingly effective a good ass hook/uppercut/cross can be. These simple techniques practiced, perfected, and thrown with conviction are often all you need to put an opponent down.

  • ah, forgot Capoeira !
    because of its history, because its also dancing and music and festive…

  • lol, I saw a "science-y" program that dealt with the Gun Kata.

    long story short the close up hand to hand version at the end of the movie is realistic and feasible although you'd get your eardrums ruptured by guns firing that close. The other forms are not.

    Still, does indeed look uber cool

  • I'm proficient in a few martial arts but I must say, for me… this is a hard question. I feel that each has their place and their uses.

    The best for a good cardio workout is San Shou, it's pretty much Chinese kickboxing. It's non-stop fighting with gloves and pads. If you're familiar with Muay Thai it's a lot like that but with takedowns.

    The most devastating I'd say is probably Long Ying or a combination of Long Ying and Bak Mei, both of which are pretty much banned underground styles. Long Ying is Dragon Style and the focus is power and strength, it is used for crippling or killing your opponent. Bak Mei is White Eyebrow and it focuses on speedy footwork and quick strikes, which is why it goes so well with Long Ying.

    If you're a small person and/or not very strong then I'd say Aikido is invaluable as it allows you to use your much larger stronger opponent's strength against them - it's largely throws and joint locks which uses someone else's strength and energy rather than your own.

    Special Forces learn a combo of Aikido/Jujitsu/Judo/Wing Chung/Arnis/Sambo/San Shou/Krav Maga and honestly it's that combination for a good reason. The best martial arts aren't one single martial art but a good combination that teaches specific uses that best utilizes the best facets of each style and incorporates them. If you absolutely had to narrow it down I'd say narrow it to Krav Maga/Sambo as those will likely have the most useful real life applications.

    If you want to get into weapons however it's an entirely different can of noodles. My favorite, though obviously completely impractical as you can't walk down the street with a katana, is Kendo and Tameshigiri. Kendo is the main combat art while Tameshigiri is solely focused on cutting. If you've ever seen someone slicing through what looks like a pole, that's Tameshigiri. It originated from the methods used of testing how good a katana is. The various cuts were used to rate the swords, for instance being able to cut through 5 bodies at the hip (ryu guruma) would be marked on the sword with the better abilities indicating better swords. They originally used prisoners or corpses so it's not quite as bloody as it used to be. Nowadays it's just a bit of fun that can be had with a katana, and also very useful if you intend to actually use one.

    Obviously the most practical weapon martial art would probably be something like Arnis for law enforcement as they always have a baton at their disposal and that's the focus of that art. Realistically though, I'd still recommend Krav Maga over it, especially if you had to just choose one.

    edit: Ah, how silly of me... Obviously anyone that's seen Equilibrium would be able to tell you Gun Kata is the best martial art of them all. Then again, I don't think it's actually real. :P

  • I`d say Wing Chun. Not that I practice. Influenced by the Ip Man 1 and 2 movies.

  • does Kama Sutra qualifies ? :p

  • its the same, several names : )

  • @'hibbli':

    doing bujinkan since 8 years now, 3 times per week :)

    Didn't know what that is, looked it up and it is the same…Bujinkan and Ninjutsu/Ninpo
    Did you know that or was that an accident?

  • doing bujinkan since 8 years now, 3 times per week :)

  • I'm with you fred, saw a documentation about it, damn that was cool^^

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